Vehicle Advertisement

Vehicle Advertisement | Billboards Moving Advertisement Trucks stand on specific roads Car banner Advertisement. Rickshaw Banner advertisement (backside) Specific target area billboards moving at a time. Advertisement Trucks (with or without LCD).

  • There are following types of (out of home advertisement)

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  • Vehicle Advertisement

Backlit Van or Fullyad Vehicle Advertisements provides advertisers with greater flexibility in terms of advertisement tenure which could range from 1 to 12 months and specific targeted areas or city preferred by advertisers. You can even choose to advertise during certain festive seasons or occasions to promote a particular marketing campaign of your products or services.

  • Fullyad Back Lit Van Advertisement

Karachi is the 1st biggest city in the Pakistan by population. Traffic flow in and around Karachi is on average 3.5 million vehicle’s per day, making it a great choice for outdoor advertising.

We at brand on vehicle are the leading ad agency for truck advertising and we are the only company that guarantees you “Highest Brand Visibility” and not just that, do you want to track where all your brand advertisement has traveled?

With the GPS Tracking feature from BrandOnWheelz, you can track your advertisement and know its location with ease.

  • Back light screen van (Master For-land Media Sq.feet 190)
  • Back light screen van (Faw Media Sq.feet 190 )
  • Float  truck ad

Vehicle advertisement is basically floats branding wrap with brand. Back-lite floats are tremendous concept of advertising called back light truck floats. There are two types of backlit floats both are famous and much needed in market.

  1. Backlight Float
  2. Creative Float

Both vehicles are fully covered with graphics and backlit create very good marketing impression for advertising.  Master truck and Faw trucks are mostly used as a backlit float. Standard size of backlight van for advertising truck is.

12’X6’ – 2 (Right and left side of advertising truck)

5’X5’ – 1 (Back side size of advertising truck)

5’X2’ – 1 (Front side size of advertising truck)