Red Bus Branding (People’s Bus Services)

Bus advertising (often referred to as “Billboards on wheels”) is a form of transit  advertising that belongs to the out-of-home advertising channel. Transit  advertising refers to any promotional materials that aim to catch customers  outdoors or when they are not at home. It is a form of OOH advertising where  advertisements are placed in or on modes of public transportation or in public  transportation areas. Examples of transit advertising include ads placed on the  sides of buses, trains, and taxis, inside subway cars and bus stations, and near  train or bus platforms.

In order to capture the bulls-eye TG, acquires bus Branding for full body  wrapping Bus wrap is ideal alternate for billboard with added features of  mobility whereas OOH scenario remains the same Bus Branding is the excellent medium to engage the viewer as it on road .Bus Branding is the ideal alternate  to attract the masses.

Advertisement on Red Bus