BTL Activities

BTL, Below the Line

BTL, Below-the-line advertising or Below the Line promotion or Below the Line marketing or BTL marketing or BTL advertising consists of very specific, memorable and direct advertising activities focused on targeted groups of consumers.  Often known as direct marketing strategies, below the line strategies focus more on conversions than on building the brand.

BTL marketing includes direct marketing strategies directed to specific target groups and focused on conversions rather than building the brand.

For example

Direct Mail Marketing

One of the most personal strategies used by marketers, direct mails (e-mails or text messages) is tailor-made messages about the brand or different offers according to the needs of each customer. BTL strategy can deliver the result in more conversions if BTL Activity is planned by the professionals.


Sponsorship is a partnership with different corporates or events to get more impressions and is usually carried as a part of brand building strategies at a BTL level.

Brand Activation

Brand Activation is the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences. The key aim of these campaigns is to get consumers to act and to bring brands to life via experiences and forming long-term emotional connections.

In-Store Marketing

Marketing activities done within the retail store are called In-store marketing activities. These below the line activities make use of various point of sales to get the most return out of the investments.

Advantages of BTL Marketing

  • Extremely Targeted: Conversions are better when the communication is done according to the customer wants. Since BTL marketing strategies are extremely targeted, results are better in terms of conversions.
  • Better ROI: Below the line promotional efforts are focused on the specific target group, have a better reach, can be easily executed, tracked, and controlled. Hence BTL strategies provide a better ROI in terms of conversion.
  • Easy Control: The return from these activities can be easily tracked and monitored and steps can be taken to improve ROI.
  • Tailor-Made: Below the line advertising strategies are designed according to the needs of a specific target groups.